Kaaf Photo Contest 2023 hold on three sections: "Social Documentary photography", "Street Photography" and "Creative Photography" that all photographers can involve in three sections of contest and send us the best your photos.

After reviewing the received photos in term of follows the rules and regulations and judging in first stage, Selects 32 photos from each sections to advance to second stage. In the final stage, each photo will receive a score between 0 and 10 from each judge, and the photos with the most points in each section will be announced as the final winners of the contest.


Calendar of Event

  • Deadline For Send Photos

    17 October 2023
  • Announcing the winners of the second stage

    21 November 2023
  • Announcing the final winners of the contest

    21 December 2023

Awards Winners

  • 30 Million Tomans Cash Prize
    3 special Kaaf medals and 9 honorary diplomas will be awarded to the winners.
  • The first persons in all three sections of street photography, social documentary and creative will be awarded 10 million Tomans, a special Kaaf badge and an honorary diploma separately.
  • The second and third persons of all three sections of the competition will be awarded honorary diplomas.
  • A catalog will be prepared and published from the photos that made it to the second stage, and an exhibition of the selected photos will be held virtually in Angareh Gallery.

Payment Panel

  • You can use this address to pay outside of Iran.

  • Address to receive payments: 0x9a475FA1764a6b5863E7A1F846Daa3b196Cf69FC

Contact Us

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